Khe Bernadette

Foaled April 16, 1977

Khe Bernadette
Khe Bernadette at the ocean.
Mini Gives Buns Back Scratch 'Mini Doe' liked to give 'Buns' back scratches.
Baby Buns was a wonderful Arab/Morgan mare.  She was the daughter of Tina's very first horse.  Buns was healthy and lively her whole life.  She had a lifetime of good care, superb training and was a true gem.  She ventured every kind of trail and won many ribbons at the fair.

The photo at right was taken July 2003, giving Cliff a good ride at age 26.  Sadly, we lost her to the one and only colic of her life, December 9, 2003 at 26 years of age.

7/8/2003 - Still very lively at age 26!
Christopher riding Buns at Capitol ForestRiding at Capitol Forest.

Christopher on Buns, Tina on Dawn.

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