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CTC Dashiell Hamett’s Thin Man - "Dash"

Dam:  CTC Amy What You Wanna Do DNA VP - "Amy"
Sire:  CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC

Date of Birth: 3/1/06
Dash age 2 7/5/08:
Hi Tina,

I just wanted to let you know that today Dash and I passed the Delta Society examination and he is now a certified therapy dog!  We passed at Level 2, their highest rating, so we can visit "complex environments." (This means he is considered "bullet proof safe" and can go anywhere - to see children, go in psychiatric wards, etc.)  I'm so proud of him!  The average age of a dog that passes the exam is 4, so the fact that he could pass at the complex level at only age 2 is really amazing.  A testament to his breeding and good mind!

Dash age 2We were in Winthrop the week before last and
Badger and Dash got to spend 3 days with Tiffany and Tom Scott and their relative "Rowdy."  I think Noel already sent you pictures of the 3 dogs together.  The family resemblance is amazing.  If she hasn't yet, she will soon.  The pictures I have attached here of Dash were taken in Winthrop at Tiffany's house.

Hope all is well.  I'll send pictures when Dash does his first therapy visit.  I have to get the photo ID in the mail and get his little therapy vest so it will be a few weeks.

Dash age 2
Dash age 5, March 2011Update from Donna, March 2011:
Recently, we have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle as a therapy dog team.  The children absolutely LOVE Dash as do the staff and parents.  He brings so much happiness and joy and smiles!  As I arrived for my last visit I literally had children waiting at the door to see him.  After I was there for a bit I found out that “one of our kids” is in the hospital due to a systemic infection, (her body is run down from chemo).  Her mom stopped by and took a picture of Dash and immediately text messaged it to her daughter in the hospital.  It makes me so happy to know that this mother felt like even a picture of Dash would cheer her child.

I have been told many times, (and several times just recently), that Dash is “the perfect Aussie,” and I still have the experience on a regular basis of people yelling at me from across the street or out their car windows how beautiful he is when I walk him in my Green Lake neighborhood. 04/20 Black Tri Male 04/20 Black Tri Male
Black Tri Boy - Dash

Update 6/11/08:
Absolutely perfect!  He is calm, no separation anxiety.  Barks very little (only to warn me when someone is at the door. very appropriate.)  Loves children, all other animals and people.  Very attuned to what is going on around him.  Very smart.  He has a very happy nature.  Gets excited at the appropriate times - at the dog park or when playing with his best buddy Badger.
Dash and BadgerUpdate 8/1/07:
Hi Tina,

Just thought I would forward a new photo of Dash and Badger.  As you can see, they continue to be the very best of friends.  For the past couple of weeks, if Dash lies down, Badger must lay on him.  They are now almost always "cuddled up," and at minimum, their feet and legs are touching, but Badger's preference is to "nest" into Dash's belly like in the attached picture.

Badger seems to love just about everyone and everything.  He is an extremely happy puppy and like Dash, he travels around from his home at Noel's, to my house, and the house in Issaquah.  He has also started going to daycare at Great Dog sometimes and he is a big hit there too.  Like Dash, he seems to get along with every dog, child and stranger he meets.

It's really wonderful to have both Badger and Dash and watch them as they grow up together.  They are really just the best and we love them to bits!

Hope all is well with your pack!

Donna Dash5/14/06:
Hi Tina,
It is a really amazing experience having a puppy.  I have to say he has been unbelievable.  Been great in his crate, (one little howl the first night, a little bit of grumbling when he first gets in, but hardly a peep at all - he sleeps really hard in there so in the morning I kind of have to wake him up).  We have done a lot in the first few days:
On the way home I stopped by my sister's house.  He hung out in their backyard and met my sister's dog.  He really seemed to love her place.
Friday morning we went to puppy kindergarten.  There were 15 dogs in the class.  He just laid under the chair at my feet.  A little nervous at times leading, but really, so much calmer, and more contained than the other dogs that were lunging and crying and shaking and barking.
Friday afternoon I sat on a bench that is on the street corner of my building.  There was the massive construction equipment banging away across the street, skate boarders wizzing by, baby strollers, people, dogs, traffic, cars with loud music blaring - he laid under the bench with his head between my feet and just hung out.
Yesterday I spent my afternoon in my sister's backyard again.  There were gardeners that were using chainsaws and pressure washing and everything else and he didn't seem to care at all.  He LOVES my sister's dog and the two of them hung out all afternoon while I did work sitting on the deck.  He ran around with Nikki, (my sister's dog), then came and laid next to me and took a nap, then got up and did the whole thing all over again.
Today I took him to breakfast and sat at an outside street table at a cafe.  Again, busy street, waitresses with food, people wanting to pet him, etc.  He just laid at my feet.
This afternoon I took him over to my uncle's house.  He has a 14 week old German shepherd puppy.  The two of them played like brothers.  The backyard is a bit "slopey" and the dogs ran up the hill and then just tumbled down and kept doing it over and over and over.  They played so hard I couldn't believe it - but no aggression, no yelping, nothing negative.  It looked like two little boys just having a great time.  I could really see his speed.  Man is he fast.  I could also see his agility.  There was a deck with two steps to the ground.  They weren't big, but they were a little big for him.  He kept getting a running start, flying off the deck, landing in a downhill direction and he never tripped.  He hit it and kept right on going.  My uncle couldn't believe he didn't tumble or trip.  I thought, "there's his breeding right there."
So I have been using the crate at night and to take him around in the car, and I have an ex-pen in the living room with toys, his food and water.  I am trying to figure out a good routine for potty, feeding, ex-pen time and playing with mom time.  I think I am starting to get it.  This has been the real challenge.  So far he has been just a saint with paws, but I have been feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to do this.  He seems so great, I don't want to mess him up!

Dash Dash Dash

Hi Tina,
So far, Dash seems to be doing just fine so I hope that means his personality will adapt well to this life.  It has been really amazing to see how he just lays down and watches things.  Anything we have done, everywhere we go, he shows interest and energy, figures it out, then just lays down and enjoys, (except of course when he is playing with other dogs).  I took him to the vet today and his exam went great.  All clear as far as his health.  The vet commented that all aspects of his health looked great and he handled the exam really well.  No real stress for him at all.  He loved being at the vet office, and seeing all the dogs, cats and other people, (I think he thought we were at another play date!)  After the exam he just laid down on the table and "hung out," (which is what he has been doing everywhere I take him), and the vet was really admiring and impressed and asked if he was always this calm and I said, so far, yes, and he said, "you have a really great dog."  So if this "let's hang out" attitude is his true personality than I think he will do just fine.


DashUpdate 5/21/06:
DashHi Tina,
Took these pictures yesterday and today.  I found a great new place that has "puppy play time" where you can take your dog to play with others his own age for a small fee, and I have switched puppy trainers to the same place.  He has two new "best friends" there - a cocker spaniel named Bailey, and a half-Newfoundland/half-black lab named Henry.  He is doing great.


Dash's Sire:
Supreme's Ketchum If You Can
Supreme's Ketchum If You Can
Exceptional photos by Tien Tran Photography
Pedigree for CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC
Blue Merle

CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC
CH Supremes Certain Affair CDX RTDs ATDds DNA CP
OTCh Ch Donegal Certain Success UD STDds
Ch Successor of Windermere CD ATDd OTDs
Ch O'Sages Donegal Misripplemint STDc
OTCh Ch Starswepts Gala Affair UDX
Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Ch Starswepts Skys the Limit
Ch Windhills Crowning Glory DNA CP
Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA CP
Moonspinner of Brigadoon
Ch Windhills Crimson Glory
Ch Jubilees Federal Agent
Losthills Crimson Abbe

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