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4/16/01 - 3/25/14
3/3/04: Update on Jet's Titles:

Update 12/6/04:
. . . Jetson and I continue to do well. . . . He has earned his outstanding standard elite (10 runs), now we need jumpers and gamblers runs.  When we get 10 each in those categories, we will earn our championship (NATCH).  Our last trial was one of our best of recent.  . . . I ran Jetson 4 times and my pyrenean shepherd (it was her second trial) 4 times.  Together we got 7 qualifying runs and 7 first places (Jet got 4 of those)!  Home to celebrate after that!

Wishing you a very happy holiday season.


Jetson High in Trial Jetson High in TrialKarin and Jetson have done it again!

Update 8/24/04:
Hi Tina.
Just wanted to let you know that Jetson and I got High (Aussie) in Trial at the Surrey BC NADAC agility trial.  Here are a couple of pictures . . . Look at that big fat ribbon!

Update from Karin June 1, 2004:
Jet and I had a nice trial this weekend.  We qualified twice out of six runs both in excellent level.  We are working on our advanced excellent titles the MX and the AXJ (then followed by the MXJ).  At the same time we are getting points for our MACH . . . which requires 750 points (one point for every second under time) and 20 double Qs, qualifying in both standard and jumpers in the same day. . .

The photo says why we do it.  I had no idea that I run with a smile like that.  Good thing because it is a blast.  People love to watch Jetson because it is obvious that he is having the time of his life.  That is a smile on his face too.

Check This Out!
Jetson! - click picture to see larger photo Photo courtesy of Creative Indulgence
Jetson! - click picture to see larger photo We and Karin Sable are very excited to announce:

UPDATE from Karin:  March 22, 2004:
Jetson earned his AKC Agility Excellent (AX) and Open Jumpers (OAJ) and his NADAC elite jumpers (EJC), open agility (OAC) and open gamblers (OGC) certificates.  Sooooo . . . means he is competing at the AKC excellent and NADAC elite in all categories listed above.

He is a great agility dog . . .   He's awesome as you've heard me say a million times.  He is over the top too when it comes to agility.  Just loves it.

We will head out to California at the end of April for an agility camp for 4 days.  I wonder if he will get his fill?  I doubt it.

Cujo (Jetson) does agility - Photo by Christopher Butler
During 2003 Jetson and Karin achieved:
AKC Open Standard title (all blues) - on to Excellent!
Need one more leg for our Open Jumpers title
NADAC Novice Standard Title (all blues)
NADAC Novice Jumpers title
Thanks, Karin, for giving Jetson such a great home and a wonderful opportunity to do what he loves!

UPDATE from Karin 10/6/03:  Jet finished his NADAC open standard title this past weekend.  He made it with all first places.  We will compete in November in two AKC's at the Excellent level.

UPDATE from Karin 9/18/03:   Just wanted to let you know that Jetson got his
AKC Open Standard title (all blues) - on to Excellent!
Need one more leg for our Open Jumpers title
NADAC Novice Standard Title (all blues)
NADAC Novice Jumpers title

UPDATE:  Jet got both his "standard" and "jumpers with weaves" novice titles in AKC at Puyallup this weekend (6/7-6/8/03).  He qualified in both runs winning two blue ribbons as well.  He and Karin are on to the OPEN field now.
Jetson with his agility ribbons CTC Jetson (aka, Jet, Jetty, JuJETsu, Jetsonion, etc.)
with his booty from two AKC agility trials!

Neutered male, 22.5" 50 lbs.
DOB: April 16, 2001

Jetson with his agility ribbons
Jetson's owner writes:

"Who would have known?  Jet is a mellow, easygoing dog at home, and the last one out of the bedroom in the morning.  But get him to an agility trial, he gets a twinkle in his eye and just turns on in focus and energy.  I swear it is something in his genes because from the very first day he excelled at agility.  He just gets it and he is very fast if not a bit reckless right now.  You'll notice in the photo that there is only one blue ribbon.  What you learn quickly in agility is that 95% of the mistakes are due to handler error.  Jet would definitely have more blues, unfortunately he is stuck with a sort of challenged handler...me!  I do not have agility in the genes, but I'm working hard on it.  We have one more leg in each of standard agility and jumpers with weaves to get our novice AKC title.  Wish us luck."

"Rob and I keep marveling over what a super guy our Jet is.  He is so fun, loves toys, loves to snuggle, is quite a talker (not a barker), and just keeps us laughing.  He is excellent on the trails, has great recall, and feels it is his duty stay close to me.  Know that you have one success out here in Gig Harbor."

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