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CTC Kobe What You Wanna Ketch CD CGC - "Kobe"

04/23 Zoe with Blue Boy Owned and Loved by Ze

Dam:  CTC Sands Splash Success
Sire:  CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC
Blue Merle Male - Neutered
Date of Birth: 3/1/06

Show DateDescription CategoryScorePlace Pt.Sched. HandlerJudge
Zoe and Kobe Zoe and Kobe
Update 6/11/08:
This is a very well-mannered and wonderful family dog.  He is very loving and we couldn't be happier!  He has been an excellent 4-H and obedience dog for my daughter.  He has his CGC and he will earn his CD in July (we expect)!

Kobe is a very healthy, easy-going dog.  He loves to play frisbee, thrives on exercise but is content to relax around the house.  He loves people (especially teen-aged girls) and shows no shyness, although he barks at the door until he meets whoever it is and gets the "okay".  He is very trainable but somewhat sensitive, always eager to please.

Zoe and Kobe 5/12/06
Tina and Cliff,
Here are a few photos we took today.  He is just a joy to be with and he loves everybody he meets! He is going to the vet today and I am not worried about the car rides because he just loves to go in the car.  He continues to sleep all night long in the crate and he loves it.  Today we hope he can start going to the dog park with Panda after his shots.  We might have to wait until he has a third set of shots, though.

At first he and Panda were scared of each other.  But now they are getting along just fine and they play tug -of-war with toys.  Panda is so gentle with him and doesn't play too rough.  Anyways, here are the pictures!

Thanks so much!   Ze Kobe with Panda Kobe Kobe
Update 5/19/06:
It is hard to believe it's already been two weeks!  We are having such a ball with this puppy.  He is so responsive and loving.  He spends his days with Deb and her child care kids.  His crate is in the playroom and he naps for extended periods of the day with lots of outside "potty" breaks.  At first he was pretty over stimulated by the kids.   He would jump up at them.  But he learned with a few corrections and they are learning too.  Now the kids can come up to him and he accepts their gentle pets with a lick.  This is one well-socialized pup!  He is literally never alone.  But he gets plenty of breaks in his crate.  He seems to have few bad habits if only we can get him to stop eating cat poo outside!  Yuck!  That's a stinky dog kiss!

All this week we had sunny hot days and he spent hours outside while the kids ran in the sprinkler.  The heat seemed to subdue him but I think he is a very quick learner too.  He loves to wiggle under my Bleeding Heart bush to escape the heat!  Of course his favorite time of the day is when Zoe arrives and scoops him into her arms for lots of cuddles!  She has been working on the calming exercises in, "The Art of Raising A Puppy", by The Monks of New Skete.  He will calm very quickly for her while she rubs his whole body.  She has been grooming him and clipping his nails and it is amazing to me how easily he accepts this.

We still have a long way to go with potty control although he always tells us when he needs to go poo.  Lots of patience, right? . . . Oh, his nose is blacker every day!  And he is getting darker all over as well.

We are looking into puppy kindergarten to start when he's 16 weeks.  There may be one in connection with 4H.  Zoe really wants to show in conformation. . .  Thanks again for such a wonderful pup.  We all just love him to pieces!  (Even Panda!)

Zoe and Kobe at 2006 Summer Spectacular Kobe at 2006 Summer Spectacular

Update 1/8/07:

Kobe in Santa Parade AntlersHi Tina,
I was just going through photos and thought you might like an update.  Zoe and Kobe are now in the 4H group, "Muttzz-ka-teers". Kobe is super at the obedience and stacks perfectly for the showmanship.  But at home . . . he is quite a character and fully "adolescent".  Of course with an 18 year old at home and Zoe turning 13 this month, who can blame him?!
Right now he is asleep at my feet.  He is so good in the house except for a few episodes of stealing dinner from the counter when I left the room!  OOps!  My bad!  He enjoys regular visits to the dog park where he rarely gets worn out!  He is always ready for more!  He is getting better at retrieving although he thinks it would be a much better game if we all would play "chase Kobe with the ball and try to get it from him"!  Of course, we won't, and I even turn my back on him and ignore him if he tries that and eventually he concedes and drops the ball or stick near me.  His most recent regular play mate is a golden retriever about 4 months younger than him.  Wow!  Now there is a dog with a lot of energy!  They mostly run circles around each other and get very filthy, which drives Zoe crazy since she wants him to look his best for Friday nights at 4H!  He's a big guy now.  Still seems lanky and weighs over 40 lb . . . .  If he fills out he could get a little bigger.  He is still great at being calmed and is super with the kids who come to child care.  Can't wait to see what he and Zoe do together.  I will keep you updated!  Thanks for helping us find such a special pup!
Enjoy the pics,
Deb and Zoe, Panda and Kobe (and Steve and Shilo too!)
Kobe & Lucy Nov 06 Kobe & Panda Christmas 2006 Kobe & Zoe Kobe's First Snow Kobe napping

Update 5/5/08:
Tina and Cliff,
Here's Kobe's latest brag.  He competed Novice for the first time and took 2nd place.  In the picture below he is sporting his 1st place ribbon for Rally.  He also took 2nd place for his costume!   Thanks for such a great dog!  We look forward to seeing you possibly at some upcoming ASCA shows.  We'd love to meet the new crew!
Zoe and Kobe

Kobe's Sire:
Supreme's Ketchum If You Can
Supreme's Ketchum If You Can
Exceptional photos by Tien Tran Photography
Pedigree for CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC
Blue Merle

CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC
CH Supremes Certain Affair CDX RTDs ATDds DNA CP
OTCh Ch Donegal Certain Success UD STDds
Ch Successor of Windermere CD ATDd OTDs
Ch O'Sages Donegal Misripplemint STDc
OTCh Ch Starswepts Gala Affair UDX
Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Ch Starswepts Skys the Limit
Ch Windhills Crowning Glory DNA CP
Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA CP
Moonspinner of Brigadoon
Ch Windhills Crimson Glory
Ch Jubilees Federal Agent
Losthills Crimson Abbe

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