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CTC Rustic Copper Bullet CDX RA OA AXJ, "Rusty" is also by Liam and out of Savanna.  Rusty was placed as a pet and companion, and is participating in obedience and agility.

Brags for Rusty!
3/10/13: Seattle AKC - Rusty tied for 2nd Place in Advanced Rally Obedience!
5/29/12: Rusty now has two agility titles and is working on his AXJ with one Q logged so far!
He also has one Q toward his UD and two Q's toward his RN.  In NADAC titles he has NAC NJC OAC!

9/9/07: Rusty got a 1st place in the novice standard agility trial at Bremerton!
Rusty at Agility
Rusty at Agility Rusty at Agility Rusty at Agility

10/29/06 CTC Rustic Copper Bullet took Highest Scoring Dog in obedience at the Howl-oween show at Shelton!  Thanks to Dean and Shireen for giving Rusty a great home and giving him the opportunity to compete in agility and obedience.

Update from Dean and Shireen 10/30/06:
Thank you for the acknowledgment.  Sometimes we can achieve something exciting at the Aussie specialties.

Rusty is excelling in agility too. We won 1st place in Jumpers with Weaves (Novice) at the local PDFC show recently.  Rusty is motivated and fast, so if we have a clean run, we should usually place.  He can execute the weave poles as fast as any Border Collie!

We are so happy to have such a wonderful dog.

Thank you Tina!

Shireen and Dean

Update 11/26/06:
Rusty is the perfect match for Shireen.  He is so eager to work and learn new things.  He just anticipates Shireen's arrival every evening.  Shireen always puts him through his paces if it is still light outside.  Now, she plays games in the house.  Such as hiding a toy and having him search for it.  She has taught him to grab a blanket and cover himself and feign going to sleep on command and a number of other exercises.

Update 1/17/05:
Hi, We were able to attend the Puyallup dog show this week end.  Shireen entered Rusty in novice B on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday he qualified with a 193 1/2.  On Sunday he placed 3rd with a 195.  I believe there were 54 dogs entered yesterday but probably only 40 or so competed.  Just thought you would enjoy knowing one of your pups is still active.

Dean and Shireen

Rustic Copper Bullet

Rusty's family reports that he is 20" tall, has a luxurious coat, and enjoys good health.  He is perky and exuberant during obedience and agility training, as well as play, then becomes a lap dog in the evening.  He has a keen interest in water.  Whether its the water bowl, a mud puddle, or a lake, he wants to play in water.  He'll dunk his whole head under water in search of a thrown stick.  Ice cubes in the water bowl are plucked out with glee.

Rustic Copper Bullet Rustic Copper Bullet

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