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CTC Isle Be Makin’ Magic, AKC NA, NAJ, NADAC OAC, OJC, TN-E, TG-O, WV-N, NADAC Novice Versatility, ASCA RS-O, JV-E, GS-E-OP, DNA-VP, ASCA Agility Merit list (Top 10) 2012 - “Wicca”

Wicca had a great agility weekendBlack Tri Female | Born: 8/17/09 | Eyes Cleared Annually | Full dentition, scissors bite | OFA Good | Elbows OFA Normal | MDR1 - N/N (by parentage) | HSF4 - N/N (by parentage)

4/16/17 ASCA - On Friday and today Sue and Wicca got 2 Elite Reg Q's, 3 Elite Jumpers Q's and finished her GS-E-OP :(that finishes her ATCH requirement for Gamblers).

10/2/16 NADAC - Wicca finished her Open Jumpers, Open Touch N Go, and got an Elite Tunnlers Q.

2016 Nationals Results for Wicca:   Elite Jumpers Q!
6/1/15: Wicca finished her Novice Chance title this weekend, and her NADAC Novice Versatility

3/17/15: Wicca Q'd in NADAC Novice Hoopers, Elite Regular, and Touch n Go this past weekend!
2/23/15 Deer Park Nadac trial.  Wicca ran pretty fast and happy this weekend :  She Q'd in: Novice weavers twice, both first places to finish her Novice weavers title, Open regular, second place, Open Jumpers, second place, Open Touch n Go, first place and Elite Regular today, first place.  It was her first Nadac trial in at least a year.
5/4/14 At ASCA Agility this weekend, and Wicca added an Open Regular title to her name

3/17/14 Wicca's long awaited return from maternity leave is here and she's still got it.  She finished two titles this weekend, Elite Tunnelers and Open Touch N Go!
11/20/12 Wicca had another good weekend in agility with two Q's, one Open Regular Q and one Open Gamblers Q!  Just one more Q to the Open Regular title!
11/4/12 Wicca agility update from Sue:  Hoodoo Howlers Nadac trial this weekend.  She qualified seven times, and finished two titles:.  She finished her Novice Jumpers and Novice Touch N Go titles and qualified in Open Regular twice, Open Jumpers Elite Tunnelers, and Novice Chances.  She was the only Novice dog to qualify in Chances which was awesome!
10/21/12: Sue and Wicca finished Wicca's GS-O title and added another Open Regular Q this past weekend!
9/9/12: Sue and Wicca added two titles to Wicca's string at the Columbia Basin AKC trial!  She finished her Novice Standard and her Novice Jumpers with first place Q's!  And she got her first leg in Open Standard!  CONGRATULATIONS, Sue and Wicca!
6/27/12: NEWS FROM SUE: I have a little brag on my "baby" dog, Wicca.....ASCA just posted it's results for 2011-2012 and Wicca is ranked!
Agility Merit (Top 10) in Novice Gamblers, Jumpers and Regular! ( #3 in Gamblers #10 in Jumpers, #6 in Regular) What a great first year of trialing it's been, I'm so, so proud of her!

6/17/12:  Wicca and Sue had another successful day at Wicca's first AKC agility trial, four runs for the weekend and four Q's!  One more Q in Novice Regular and Novice Jumpers will give her two more titles!  Sue tells me Wicca is working nice and consistent, so we're looking forward to many more such successes to report.

Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend 6/16/12:  Update from Sue:  Wicca ran in her first AKC trial today . . . outside with distractions . . . . . she done me proud :)  She had a qualifying run in Novice Regular with a first place and a qualifying run in Novice Jumpers! 5/22/12: Wicca and Sue made Agility Merit Top 10 in Gamblers Novice, Jumpers Novice, Jumpers Open and Regular Novice!
5/6/12 Update from Sue:  Wicca's qualifying runs this weekend were in Novice Gamblers, first place, Novice Gamblers, first place, Novice Gamblers, First place, Novice Gamblers first place.  She finished her GS-N-OP (outstanding performance in Gamblers)!  ! I moved her up and she did qualify in Open in Regular, with a second place.
4/23/12 Update from Sue:  ASCA trial results - Wicca finished her Novice Regular Outstanding Performance, and her Open Jumpers Outstanding Performance! She qualified in: Novice Gamblers, 2nd place, Novice Gamblers, 1st place, Open Jumpers 1st place, Novice Regular 1st place, Novice Gamblers 1st place, and Novice Regular 1st place.
3/19/12 Update from Sue:   Wicca had another good weekend: three Novice Regular Q's with 2 first place and one second place, One Novice Touch n Go Q in first place, and one Elite Tunnelers Q in first place!
3/12/12 Update from Sue:   Wicca had a good weekend: three Open Jumpers Q's . . . all about 5 seconds under standard course time!  She only needs one more leg for her Open Jumpers Outstanding Performance. . . then I will move her up to Elite.  She only needs 1.5 legs in Novice Regular for her Outstanding Performance title too. She got a Novice Gamblers Q too. . . need four more for outstanding Performance in that.
2/27/12 Update from Sue:  Wicca added a few new titles at the NADAC trial . . . She finished her Open Tunnelers title with two qualifying legs, and her Novice Regular title.  She is also close to finishing her Novice Jumpers and Q'd in Novice Weavers!
1/5/12:  Wicca is on the Top 10 ASCA Agility Merit list!  #4 in Jumpers Novice and #5 in Regular Novice
Wicca11/21/11 Update from Sue:   Wicca finished her Novice Gamblers title J.  She also had a few Nov Reg Q’s and a few Open Jumpers Q’s .  Overall it was a good weekend.
11/17/11 Update from Sue:  Just checked “current” standings (thru 9/10/11) and Wicca is tied for #1 in the Agility Merit (top ten) in Novice Jumpers.  This was before her JS-N-OP and JS-O . . . so it will be interesting to see where she falls!  Hopefully we’ll do well this weekend too to help it out!  Keep your fingers crossed!
Susan E. Roberts LVT
Camas Creek Australian Shepherds
Big Dog Fun! Agility Training
11/6/11 Update from Sue:  Wicca had a good weekend, with qualifying runs in Novice Regular, Chances, Jumpers, and Open Tunnelers.
10/31/11 Update from Sue:  Wicca finished her Novice Tunnelers title this weekend and qualified in Novice Jumpers, Novice Tunnelers, and Novice Touch n Go!
Wicca9/18/11 Update from Sue:
Had a really nice weekend in Deer Park at the ASCA trial!  Wicca had a good weekend . . . finished a bunch of Novice Regular legs (going for outstanding).  She got her first Novice Gamblers Q (not a gimme!)AND finished her Open Jumpers title :)
9/5/11 Update from Sue:
Miss Wicca finished her ASCA Novice Regular title, and then some.... this weekend, and finished her Novice Jumpers Outstanding Performance title!
Wicca ran in her first ASCA trial this weekend!  She had five qualifying runs, two in Regular, and three in Jumpers!  She finished her Novice Jumpers title (JS-N)!
Wicca had her first agility trial this last weekend at the WOOFF NADAC agility trial.  Her first run was in Novice Tunnelers, and she qualified . . . she ran fast and furious, and had a blast!

CTC Isle Be Makin' Magic

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CKC AKC CH. Blue Isle's Field Of Dreams Ch Topguns Black Magic RS-O JS-E GS-O DNA-CP
Black C/W AS-19185G24M-PI F=13.82%
E119798 DN00213502
Ch Patriot Games of Ironhorse DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-11236G25M-T F=20.00%
E78978 DL58903502
Storm Warning of Ironhorse
E47238 DL42256402
Red Banks Clay Basket
E37572 DL45136403
Ch Topgun Cruzin In the Fast Lane
Black C/W AS-12338G33F F=13.13%
E80483 DL61381202
Ch The Man From Heatherhill
E54314 DL42601103
WTCH Ch Nightwind Dancen With Topgun CD
E58669 DL45844802
Ch Bayshores Dance With Me
Blue C/W AS-19238G24F-NOPI F=17.08%
E120825 DL90590503
Ch Blue Isle Dancin On Fayblehill DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-14671E24M-T F=16.73%
E96383 DL74457405
Ch Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rios CD DNA-CP
E46726 DL43905801
Ch Friends Blue Country DNA-CP
E70979 DL54516403
Ch Threepines B'gosh of Bayshore
Black C/W AS-15796G24F-PI F=21.90%
E105078 DL79471501
Ch Paradox Propaganda
E83123 DL64755204
Ch Bayshores Bit-O-Honey

CTC Madrona Lace CH Liam Neeson of CTC DNA VP DNA CP - "Liam"
Black Tri (Red Factored) Male
DOB:  1/26/00
Eyes:  Normal
OFA Good
Full Dentition/Scissors - Docked
Pelger-Huet Negative
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation
CH Lil'Creek Sum Got Et All
E70117 OFA Good
AKC CH Shercrest Sir James
OFA Good
AKC ASCA CH Lil'Creeks Picture Perfect
OFA Good
ASCA HOF CH Bainbridge Angel Fire
AKC ASCA HOF CH Caledonia's Crowd Pleaser
OFA Good
CH Megan McMatt of Bainbridge STDdsc
OFA Good
CTC Sweet Savanna Sands DNA CP "Savanna"
Red Merle Female
DOB: 2/19/99
Eyes: Normal
OFA Good
Full Dentition, Scissors
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation
Sire AKC ASCA CH De Abajo Double Latte' Donegal - "Pepe"
OFA Good
Sire CH Golden Gait's Southern Drawl
OFA Good
Dam De Abajo's A Single Red Rose
OFA Good
Dam Topgun Susanna Sands "Susie"
OFA Good
Sire CH Topgun HunkAHunk Burnen Love
Red Merle
OFA Excellent
Dam Hisaw's Kissing at Midnight CD
OFA Good

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