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CTC Ziggy

Splash Black Tri Girl Owned and Loved by Kim MacPherson Fisher

Dam:  CTC Sands Splash Success
Sire:  CH Supremes Ketchum If You Can AXJ, OA, & CGC
Black Tri Female - Spayed
DOB:   November 20, 2008

We called this girl "Ziggy Crazy Blaze!"  She's happily residing in BC Canada now with her new family.
3/16/15: Kim and Ziggy were steeplechase superstars at the K9 Cliffhangers trial this past weekend with 3 steeplechase Q's earning their MSCDC title!
4/28/14: Ziggy's accomplishments over the last 2 weeks, ADC and AGDC titles and lots of Qs!

Ziggy doing agility Ziggy doing agility Ziggy doing agility
12/8/12 Update from Kim for Ziggy - At our last trial we finally got our SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada) title!   At her last trial she got a Q in Starters Jumper and Starter Snooker which gave us the SGDC title.  We have a number of trials in the new year and if she continues running and training as well as she has been lately we should do really well.

Ziggy doing agility
Ziggy doing agility Ziggy doing agility
February 2012:
Update from Kim for Ziggy - Q in Steeplechase run!  Good job, Kim and Ziggy!

Update 6/11/09:
Ziggy has been doing really well, she is now competing in agility and doing very well.  She and Kim had a trial this weekend and she won the Jumpers and ran 3rd in the gamblers!
Thanks, Kim, for the great pictures and wonderful news!

"Ziggy" - (Splash/Ketchum daughter) just LOVES the sheep!  She's definitely a natural.  Got some pictures of her too.

She passed her HIC test easy!
Ziggy with sheep Oct 2007
Ziggy with sheep Oct 2007 Ziggy with sheep Oct 2007

Older Updates from Kim:

Update 10/28/06:
Well Ziggy is PERFECT.  She had a really big day today, about a 5 hour car ride.  She took a few trips in small cities, met lots of new people and she was a total star.  I honestly couldnt have asked for a better dog.  The trip home she slept in her kennel most of the time, I pulled her out to cuddle and she just layed on me and slept.  Shes quite the affectionate puppy, loves to jump on your lap and be loved!  We got her home around 6:30pm, she was nervous at first. Was really checking everything out.  She met our other dog, Sheba.  They seem to really like each other.  They were fooling around running all over the house.  She did the funniest thing I've ever seen though.  We have a very shiny (can see yourself in it) piano and Ziggy started growling and barking at it.  We later realized that she was staring at her own reflection in the piano, it was extremely cute. She's been great about everything, has a fabulous personality.  Can be a real suck but loves to run and play in the backyard. Shes the perfect dog for me and I'm extremely thankful that you gave me the opportunity to buy her.  I'll keep you updated and eventually will send pictures too.   Kim

Update 10/30/06:
Well a couple days have gone by and her true colours are already showing.  She follows me around EVERYWHERE, still loves to jump up on my lap for a cuddle.  We took her out to a farm yesterday.  I was a bit worried she would get curious and into the prickle bushes and that, but she was really good.   Stayed within 20 feet of me and whenever I called she would turn on a dime and come right back to my side.  Shes already pretty much house broke, makes sure to let me know when she needs out.  She already has learned the sit command.  She's really a very smart dog and she's really warmed up to my family and seems to really enjoy herself.  Thanks again for a great dog :)


ZiggyUpdate 11/11/06:
I finally busted my camera out to take a few pictures.  She has gotten a little bigger!  We weighed her the other day, she's exactly 19.8 pounds.  We think she's part cat too, she pounces on everything!  Her toys, treats, people . . . .  She is quite the character, much more outgoing with other people now.  Although everytime I leave the room or call her she's right by my side, I love that about her.  She's also very very quick, whenever I play fetch with her she's lightning quick to get her toy.  She's very very bouncy, she's got alot of spring in those legs!  Hopefully she'll use that to her advantage when we start agility.  So thats my quick update, we're both looking forward to our trip to the states.  Maybe this time she won't bark and growl at the border guard . . hahah.
Heres a few pics

Ziggy Ziggy

So I caught Ziggy 'in the act' on camera so I thought I'd send you the pics.  She has started this whenever somebody leaves and drives away . .  She has to watch them leave somehow!  Enjoy
Ziggy on watch

Update 11/27/06:
I got some new pictures of Ziggy and thought I would share.  We got record snowfall the past few days and she loves it!  We have a little over a foot of snow in the backyard, more then Vancouver has gotten in a long long long time.  Anyways, I took lots of pictures so heres a few.

Enjoy!   Kim
Ziggy in the snow Ziggy in the snow Ziggy in the snow Ziggy in the snow
Update 10/10/07:
Ziggy has been doing really well.  We've recently started taking some agility classes and she has really been excelling.  We've started low jumps and tunnels.  She runs through the obstacles like she's been running agility her whole life!  We've also gotten to the point where we can walk off leash virtually everywhere.  Being in a city it is harder but Ziggy just listens so well and is so loyal.  Her training is coming along really really nicely, I'm impressed with how much she tries to please me.  I will also be taking her herding again in a few weeks.

Update 6/29/07:
I've put ziggy on a waitlist to start agility in the fall.  She adores to jump and run so I'm sure she will just love it!  If everything goes well with agility then I do hope to compete her when she's ready.  I can't wait!

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