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pygmy on rock sketch by Tina

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Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats

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Bottle Feeding vs. Dam Raised

Does going to dinner **Thanks for your interest.  We have liquidated our herd and no longer have goats.**
We are located in Central Washington and have had Pygmies since 1992 and Nigerian Dwarf goats since 1998.  Plans for our goats are always evolving.  We have gathered together and are developing a quality little herd with good breeding lines, conformation, temperament and very nice colors.

We carefully selected our foundation goats from disease free herds, some from show herds, some from milking herds.  They are selected for conformation, personality, dairy character and great color.  Kidding ability is also high on our priority list as an important trait.  Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are registered with AGS.  Our Pygmy goats are registered with NPGA.  The price range for our doe and buck kids is $350 - $450, and our wethered kids and occasional retired goats sell for $125.  Kids will be vaccinated, de-wormed and disbudded.
 Our herd is tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne's.

Tina with 2004 goat kids

The Breeding/Kidding Pen

(Updated:  January 6, 2015)

We have no more kids for sale, but we do have one adult Pygmy doe and some adult Nigerian does available for sale.
E-Mail us for details!
We're having a herd reduction, offering does who were previously not for sale,
so inquire early to have the best opportunities!

Roany Rona is for sale.  Please contact us for more details.
2013 kids 2013 kids


Nigerian Dwarf Does FOR SALE:

2009 doe kids
"Lucinda" - 2/17/09 Black Nigerian Dwarf DOE AVAILABLE - other two in picture have been sold.
Photo taken 9/23/09

The pictures of Roany Rona were taken when she was a weanling, so just give you an idea of her type.  I haven't taken current photos at this time.
  Eve's 2008 black/white doe Eve's 2008 black/white doe
  • CTC Moonshadow EI Roany Rona
    2008 Black Roan with white (Eve by Izitso)
  • Pygmies For Sale
    E-Mail Us!
    For your convenience, we have PayPal payment available.  Please add 3.5% to the amount to cover the PayPal fee.  Thanks.


    We have one adult pygmy doe (black agouti with frosted ears and nose) available for sale.  Please contact us for more information.
    Pygmy Goats

    And some pictures taken in prior years, just for fun . . .

    Moms and 2007 babies going to grazing pen
    2007 Moms and Babies out to graze

    2007 Babies out to graze Lace with her 2007 babies Patches & Leaping Lady dueling

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