CTC Sonita San, 10/03/01

CTC Sonita San AQHA 3995255

$4,000 Sold

Photos taken 10/3/01

This is Dawn's colt by Pablo San, foaled March 3, 2000.  This colt is intensely curious, confident, level-headed, friendly and energetic.  He is a well balanced and athletic colt with a great attitude!
CTC Sonita San, 10/03/01
Pedigree for CTC Sonita San

Pablo San

Peppy San

Leo San


San Sue Darks

Peppy Belle

Pep Up

Belle Burnett

Paula Chex

King Fritz

Power Command

Poco Jane

Paula Gay

Paul Easter

Mexicali Baby
Doc At Dawn

Docs Classic

Doc's Prescription

Doc Bar

Jameen Tivio

Sonita's Girl

Sonita's Last

Leon's Misschief

Bills Holly Dawn

Hollywood Bill

Hollywood Gold

Miss Jo Kenney

Dawn's Black Queen

My Barbarian

Queen Dawn

CTC Sonita San, 10/03/01 CTC Sonita San, 10/03/01
relaxing . . . and at play!

Dawn Colt, baby picture

Photo above taken at about two months of age, photos below were taken 3/19/2000 at two weeks old.

Dawn Colt, baby face Dawn Colt Dawn Colt
Dawn Colt Dawn Colt Dawn Colt
Dawn Colt

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